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Goechala Trek

Hosted By: Jeewan Dahal


West Sikkim: Its mid year again!!!! what’s more, its opportunity to keep our yearly date with the Himalayas

Span : 10 Days (2 days travel/8 days trekking)

Height: 4,400 mts

Add up to Trekking: 90 K.M

Most extreme Height: 16,000 ft

Temperature Run:

April – June: 15 to 22 Degrees (Days); – 1 to 7 Degrees (Evenings)

September – Nov: 10 to 15 Degrees (Days); – 5 to 5 Degrees (Evenings)

Trouble Level: Direct to Troublesome

Convenience: 2 night HillStay/4 night outdoors

Situated in Sikkim, Goecha La trek is the fantasy and craving of the enterprise beaus all through the nation! Settled middle dynamic and bright verdure, it is additionally the route to the amazing Kanchenjunga National Stop and its rich magnificence

Beginning from Yuksom One of the lovely town in west Sikkim, this trek goes through wonderful scenes that are loaded with intriguing blossoms and enormously alluring glades and woodlands. The Rathong Chu Stream in transit adds more appeal and advance to the Goecha La trek. From each point there will be wonderful perspective of mountain/valley.

DAY 1 : NJP TO YUKSOM (6 hours drive)

DAY 2 : YUKSOM (5800 feet) TO TSOKHA (9,650 feet) 6 hours

DAY 3 : TSOKHA TO DZONGRI (12,980 feet) by means of PHEDANG (12,050 feet) 6-7 hours


DAY 5 : DZONGRI (12980ft) TO THANSING (12,900 ft) 5-6 hours

DAY 6 : THANSING (12,900 ft) TO GOECHALA PASS (16,000ft) By means of LAMUNEY (13,650ft) AND BACK 7-8 hours

DAY 7 : THANSING (12,900 ft) TO TSOKHA (9,650 feet) By means of KOKCHURANG AND PHEDANG 5-6 hours

DAY 8 : TSOKHA (9,650 feet) TO YUKSOM (5800 feet) 4-5 hours

DAY 9 : YTSOKHA (9,650 feet) TO YUKSOM (5800 feet) 4-5 hours YUKSOM Touring


Convey should independent from anyone else

Warm and agreeable garments

Great quality trekking shoes, shoes and additional match of socks

Sunscreen salve or whatever other skin creams

Water bottles, in vogue knapsack and vitality bars/snacks, a match of shades and camera

Tops or caps

Individual toiletries and essential pharmaceutical (assuming any)

Streak light (with extra batteries)

Bug repellent and crisis therapeutic unit