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Best budget hotels and rooms in Pelling, India

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HillRoom is located near petrol pump where you can view amazing Mt. Kanchenjunga. Starting with 8 room this room has

avg/night₹2300.00 SELECT

HillRoom Pelling Pelling India

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Welcome to HillRoom which is centrally located in pelling. You’ll love this room because of our fully furnished and well maintained

avg/night₹2185.00 SELECT
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HillStay Darap is 15 minutes walk from the Pelling bazaar. This Hillstay is one of the most beautiful for Honeymoon

avg/night₹1300.00 SELECT

HillStay, Darap Pelling Pelling India

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HillStay Darap  is about 10 min drive from upper Pelling towards famous tourist destinations like Yuksam, Khechuperi Lake, Khanchendzonga water

avg/night₹2500.00 SELECT
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HillRoom Pelling, near petrol pump was traveler’s choice on calm & comfort with unbelievable room service & breathtaking view of

avg/night₹3100.00 SELECT
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This place has all type amenities, with homely comfort,with all facilities of wi-fi ,breakfast , noise free, basically a home

avg/night₹3000.00 SELECT