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Best budget hotels and rooms in Gangtok

Hillroom woileem Gangtok Gangtok India

0 reviews

Located 4 minutes walks from MG road. HillRoom wolliem is situated in crowded free area of Gangtok and have amazing

avg/night₹2645.00 SELECT
0 reviews

HillRoom Near Assembly point is located in a beautiful stretch of green and is an absolute treat to the eyes. This hotel

avg/night₹2000.00 SELECT

HillRoom near Kazi Road Gangtok India

0 reviews

Situated just above M.G Road ( Heart of the City ) and below the Royal Palace, HillRoom near kazi road

avg/night₹2320.00 SELECT
0 reviews

Situated just 20 minutes from M.G Road ( Heart of the City ) and 15 minutes from Chief Minister’s resident,

avg/night₹4700.00 SELECT
0 reviews

A respite from the busy City of gangtok and yet not so far from MG Road Gangtok located in upper Sichey

avg/night₹2700.00 SELECT

HillRoom silk view Gangtok India

0 reviews

Hillroom silk view is with 3 Luxury serviced apartments in a beautiful area of Gangtok arithang; each apartment comes with 3

avg/night₹4400.00 SELECT

HillRoom Silk Route Gangtok India

0 reviews

HillRoom Slik route Gangtok located in Arithang is Peaceful, charming and comfortable and best in Arithang  Place, the heart of

avg/night₹2990.00 SELECT

HillStay Gnatnang valley Gangtok India

0 reviews

Hillstay Gnathang locate in 12,000 ft you’ll pass through zig zag road near silk route. This place is close to

avg/night₹900.00 SELECT
0 reviews

You will love this HillRoom  because it’s located in heart of Gangtok – Arithang  with lots of viewpoint of Kanchenjunga

avg/night₹2070.00 SELECT
0 reviews

Beauty lies in Gangtok, HillRoom arithang is one of most valuable room in Arithang. You would love to walks around

avg/night₹1800.00 SELECT
0 reviews

Amazing and Crowded free place HillStay Phongla is located in 2 km from Namthang Bazaar and it surrounded by beautiful

avg/night₹1200.00 SELECT