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0 reviews

HillRoom Alpine Crest is located in a walking distance (50 meters) from M.G Marg, in a peaceful environment, with a

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0 reviews

You will love this HillRoom  because it’s located in heart of Gangtok – Arithang  with lots of viewpoint of Kanchenjunga

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0 reviews

HillRoom is a budget hotel in Lachen, surrounded with snow capped mountains. An ideal location for stay on the way

avg/night₹2900.00 SELECT

HillRoom Lachung near Helipad North Sikkim India

0 reviews

HillRoom Lachung is situated in a beautiful hill station Lachung near helipad. it is beautiful place with snow clapped mountain and

avg/night₹2800.00 SELECT
0 reviews

Located in Near Army Camp, Lachung, within walking distance of Yalram Resort. The hotel is comfortable and classic in style

avg/night₹3000.00 SELECT
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HillRoom Near Assembly point is located in a beautiful stretch of green and is an absolute treat to the eyes. This hotel

avg/night₹2000.00 SELECT

HillRoom near Kazi Road
Gangtok India

0 reviews

Situated just above M.G Road ( Heart of the City ) and below the Royal Palace, HillRoom near kazi road

avg/night₹2320.00 SELECT
0 reviews

Furnished Guest Room (150 sq.ft) Beautiful HillRoom near ravangla bazar, Auto stands etc within walking distance. Ideal for international guests, parents

avg/night₹1900.00 SELECT

HillRoom Pelling Pelling India

0 reviews

Welcome to HillRoom which is centrally located in pelling. You’ll love this room because of our fully furnished and well maintained

avg/night₹2185.00 SELECT
0 reviews

HillRoom is located near petrol pump where you can view amazing Mt. Kanchenjunga. Starting with 8 room this room has

avg/night₹2300.00 SELECT
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